1. Sidewalk
    Minimal Teardrop

  2. Try Something
    Richard De Clark

  3. 19th of January
    MUTUS, Andy Moon, Richard De Clark

  4. A Desert Trip

  5. Wake Up
    Andre Ritter

  6. The Ghost

  7. Directions
    Andre Ritter

  8. Laube
    Shik & Grauer

  9. Concert by the Sea

  10. Lounge Selection I
    Various Artists

  11. Sparkz
    Mark Miller

    Richard De Clark

  13. Time Traveler
    Richard De Clark

  14. Hospital Madness
    Andy Moon

  15. Where We Belong
    Cockpitcrew ft. Carie, Andy Moon

  16. I Got This Far Now

  17. Insurgence
    Kokko Perelli

  18. Dosensuppe
    Minimal Teardrop

  19. Contact by Satellite
    Richard de Clark

  20. Nordish
    Frank von Welt

  21. Ameyatman

  22. Deep in the Cave
    Andy Moon

  23. Space Flight EP

  24. Lockdown Remasters
    Andy Moon

  25. Deep Feelings | Enjoy Relaxed EP
    Richard De Clark

  26. Silberschnüre

  27. El Duduk a la Luz del Sol
    Andy Moon

  28. Habitable Zone
    Dying Earth

  29. La Fogata Duduk ( Club Mix)
    Andy Moon

  30. Sunrise 4 Phoenix (Premium Edition)
    Cockpitcrew, Andy Moon

  31. Akasha

  32. El Duduk y la Luna (Club Reworks)
    Andy Moon

  33. 1998-2016 - The Old Stuff (Premium Edition)
    Andy Moon

  34. Appertizer
    Minimal Teardrop

  35. Sandman On Speed
    Andy Moon

  36. Sound Definitions Vol.1
    Various Artists

  37. El Duduk Y La Luna
    Andy Moon

  38. La Fogata Duduk
    Andy Moon

  39. Marmeha
    Andy Moon, Mark Miller

  40. Jazz
    Andy Moon

  41. Believe

  42. Stay - The Deep Reworks
    Cockpitcrew ft. Carie

  43. Flight Impressions

  44. Perfect Live
    Moby, Andy Moon

  45. Timeinception (Hands on Hans Zimmer)
    Andy Moon, Hans Zimmer

  46. Caminando Rework
    Andy Moon

  47. Fireland
    Andre Tolsen

  48. Submit your Demos
    Art Unnamed Rocks


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Music is the Art of thinking with sounds. We reflect our understanding of sophisticated Music with a variety of different Genres. It is inspired by the passion of our Artist!

We are a Division of the Sophisticated Culture Foundation, a Non Profit Organization that is supporting Music-Artists and the creation of sophisticated Music, Arts & Culture.

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